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 Bug report and sugestions

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Data de inscrição : 28/10/2007
Idade : 34

MensagemAssunto: Bug report and sugestions   Qui Dez 13, 2007 9:52 am

Hi guys!

Bug report :
One of my clan mebers made me to pay attention on a kinda serrious error in the game. You shoud check the Curse Death Link skill i think because there is someting realy wrong with it. When i have full HP my curse death link +0 deals more damage than my ultimate +9 Shadow flare. I think it is kinda unfair against other players cos I can cast the curse death link as fast as i can cast hurricane.

It is nice that you increased the drops in Imperial Graveyard but i think it is too easy now. In my opinion you shoud change the S grade SA cost to 1000 runestones instead of 300. It is just stupid i think to make it this easy. I stay 30 minutes in Imperial Graveyard and i have to come back to town because i cant carry more money and stuff Razz Pls make it harder. It was realy good in the old times. when safe enchant was +3 and every mob dropped 2 runestone instead of 20. Now these days it is crapy...

Also I woud suggest to make the noblese a little bit more worthy. I mean you shoud make mobs drop interesting stuff on a place where noblese can teleport only. It worked very well on the server I played before. ( And i am fed up with farming only in imperial Razz clown )

And my last suggestion. Twisted Evil MAKE EVENTS PLIX PLOX Twisted Evil We realy need smthg to cheer us up. I think every1 is bored to kill the same ppl all the time at Imperial.

Hope to see you guys soon online. Thx for the work you are doing on the server.

May the Force be with you in the future!
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Borges - Winry

Borges - Winry

Mensagens : 9
Data de inscrição : 28/10/2007
Idade : 33

MensagemAssunto: Re: Bug report and sugestions   Qui Dez 13, 2007 2:14 pm

hey sith!
i just agree with u!!!
btw i reported the CDL skill to killbill
i hope he can fix this ASAP ^_^
lets wait a little more, as im doing with the nobless qest!!!
can u belive no1 come to talk with me yet?! Sleep

im getting bored scratch
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Bug report and sugestions
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